Heartbreaking scene: Poor poor dog with worms all over his body in need of urgent help left us heartbroken and heartbroken to witness this poor sight

During his stroll in Rio de Janeiro, Wilson Martins Coutinho unexpectedly encountered a distressed puppy named Anja, left alone and in a pitiful state. Being a passionate animal lover and a true hero, Wilson promptly extended his assistance upon noticing the gaping wounds on Anja’s neck. Consistently venturing out to rescue and support stray dogs, Wilson was taken aback by the profound depth of these wounds, allowing him to insert his entire finger inside. Regrettably, Anja had to endure the agony of her injuries, inflicted by the scorching water that was mercilessly sprayed on her body every day. This unbearable situation weighed heavily on her.

Wilson had never witnessed such excruciating pain before, particularly when it came to a dog in extreme discomfort.

Wilson administered anesthetics to Anja before proceeding to sanitize her wounds, a task that required the removal of her fur for ease of operation. Shortly after, Anja drifted into a peaceful slumber.

Wilson removed the ticks and fleas from her body and then proceeded to wrap her in a warm and snug blanket.

Upon receiving anesthesia from Wilson, she regained consciousness with an insatiable hunger.

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