Heartbroken Stray Dog Refuses To Leave Her Best Friend’s Side After He Was Hit By Car


Dogs are such devoted and loving creatures. They are able to develop true connections with other animals and frequently stand by them in adversity.

One sad dog recently demonstrated the true meaning of loyalty and love by remaining by the side of her best friend even after he was struck by a car.


The stray dog was hit by a car on Highway 70, claims Stray Rescue of St. Louis. When a rescue worker noticed a throng forming around the injured dog, he or she decided to intervene.

Much to the dismay of his best friend, a fellow stray who was present and wouldn’t leave his side, the dog was seriously injured.


Rescuers told the anxious canine that they were there to assist her friend as she stood guard. The kennel gave the injured dog the name “Soul,” and his companion the name “Heart.”

They brought Heart with them as they hurried Soul to the trauma hospital. Heart was unmistakably concerned about her pal the entire time.


Sadly, the accident left Soul with permanent damage. He had a broken back, which the rescuers stated couldn’t be fixed.

According to Natalie Thomson of Stray Rescue, “We will do what it takes to save a life, but if there is no chance of quality of life, the kindest thing is to say goodbye.”


Heart remained by Soul’s side even after he died.

We gave her time to say goodbye since she wanted to be with him. In the hopes that she would understand what was happening, we kept her with us the entire time, Thomson recalled.


The moment Heart dozed off on Soul is captured in a stunning yet tragic photograph. Heart was devoted to Soul till the very end as she mourned her friend. According to Stray Rescue, “We’re all grieving with her.”

Heart’s devotion and affection for her companion moved everyone to tears, and they are now working on a particular way to help Heart remember her friend forever.


On social media, they announced that they were purchasing her a necklace for her collar that would contain some of Soul’s ashes “so she could always carry him with her.”

Both canines were uncollared and unmicrochipped; they are likely to stray animals. Heart was visibly grimy, however, it’s unclear how long they had been living on the streets together.


It’s time to start healing, baby girl, so the rescue gave her a much-needed bath and promised to continue to provide this grieving puppy all the love and care she deserves.

We know you’re in a better place without agony, so please rest in peace, Soul. It is obvious that Heart was a loving and devoted friend of yours.


Our thoughts and prayers are with this wonderful puppy as she copes with her loss and we wish her a happy future.


Source: Pawbuzz



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