Heartfelt Reunion: Former K-9 Officer Overwhelmed with Emotion as He Meets Up with Retired Handler Again!

Introducing Wang Wang, an endearing German shepherd who serves as a sniffer dog at a security checkpoint in Xichuan, Henan Province. This charming pooch, who is eight years old, is set to retire from his duties and bid adieu to his handler by June 2019. Nevertheless, fear not as Wang Wang will be adopted by a caring family and live the rest of his life in comfort.

Upon returning to their vehicle, the patrol noticed that Wang Wang was still clinging to his previous owner, refusing to move. The affectionate animal showered his former owner with licks and tears, displaying unwavering loyalty. Despite the patrol’s attempts to leave, Wang Wang remained steadfast, choosing to follow his manager instead.

A keen observer once said, “Your dogs should be treated with kindness as they are your faithful companions.” Another individual remarked how Wangwang seemed to be longing for his handler. The heartwarming reunion of the two left some onlookers confused as to why the police dog and its handler were not permitted to stay together. In response to this inquiry, Xichuan police clarified that while their K9s are well-fed during their training, their officers cannot spend quality time with retired dogs for play or exercise. Nevertheless, they reassured the public that these devoted animals would receive an even more exceptional level of care and attention at their homes rather than in a training facility.

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