Heartwarming admiration: the strong reaction of the online community when the adorable dog clings to its owner, afraid of falling while walking

In the hustle and bustle of life with worries, there are small moments that make you unconsciously smile.

It could be anything that reminds you of your fondest memories, a close friend, or your favorite pet. Recently, a photo of a boy carrying a dog to the market early made many people feel at ease when looking at it.

The image is being shared all over the web, large and small, attracting up to 17,000 likes and hundreds of shared comments.

“Recalling my childhood, I still had a spacious garden, raised a lot of dogs, cats, rabbits, and chickens. Just raising and playing the scene, not doing anything. Just feeding them is enough!”, the The most beautiful memories of childhood suddenly came to Bui Tu Anh’s mind when looking at the photo above.

The action of the dog using its forelimbs to hug the owner’s small back makes viewers feel their heart soften and love too much. Perhaps, the owner is too young to understand that his pet dog is afraid of falling. The only thing he could count on was a tight hug from the back of the bike.

Ngan Ha, the author of the photo that caused a social media fever, shared: “Yesterday, I went to Don market, Phu Binh, Thai Nguyen and met this boy. It was interesting so I took my phone to take a photo. I also love animals very much. animals and have pet dogs at home, so wherever you see a dog, you can see it. This boy looks like me from the old days…”

Ngan Ha feels very surprised when the pictures taken in a hurry at her market are so interested and interested by the online community.

The lovely image of the owner – servant in the photo of going to the market together caused a fever, rekindling many beautiful memories of young people with family pets.

“In the past, it was always put in the cart to run around the village… Later on, it was afraid that it wouldn’t be able to jump off every time, so it just sat still in the cart with the three-station platform,” Hai Yen said.

Thao Hoang commented: “In the past, in the countryside, I had a son, Max, too, it took a lot of practice to dare to sit. Haha”.

“In the past, it was very smart to raise a cat. He saw his father taking the car to pick him up from school and followed him out to wait at the gate of that house, it’s been 8 years,” Dao Nhat Han recalls.

Suy Huynh humorously said: “I have decided. I will save a lot of money, buy a lot of Pitbull to take care and nurture and the two of us will walk together for the rest of our lives.”

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