Heartwarming Story: Police Officer Rescues and Adopts Abandoned Dog in the Pouring Rain

On a cold and damp afternoon, NYPD Officer Michael Pascale stumbled upon Joey in a public park while driving his squad car. The little black dog was hiding amongst discarded needles and broken beer bottles.

As Officer Pascale was on patrol, he came across a dog who was tied to a fence with a strong chain wrapped around its neck. The poor creature was shivering and soaking wet, which made it apparent that it had been abandoned. Pascale noticed that the dog was looking up at him with pleading eyes, as if asking for help. He knew he had to rescue the animal from its predicament.

Pascale took the dog, whom he named Joey, to the Animal Care Centers of NYC shelter in Brooklyn. While drying the dog with a towel, Pascale felt a special connection forming between them. He believed that animals have a soul, and he treated Joey accordingly. By showing empathy and compassion towards the dog, Pascale proved that he was not just an officer but a true animal lover.

When he shared a picture of the sad, abandoned puppy with his wife, she immediately exclaimed, “Let’s bring him home!” The couple quickly agreed to adopt the pup, but first, they had to overcome a small hurdle. The Animal Care Center (ACC) informed Officer Pascale that Joey would have to undergo a mandatory 72-hour stray hold. Despite an animal appearing mistreated or neglected, there could be a worried owner looking for their lost pet. This hold provides them with ample time to locate and come forward to claim their beloved companion. Although bidding farewell was difficult, Officer Pascale promised to return, and he made good on his word by visiting Joey every day. With each passing day, the trio grew closer.

After the stray hold period ended, Pascale was thrilled to officially adopt Joey. Once all the necessary documents were completed, Pascale bid farewell to Joey before taking him home. As they said their goodbyes, Joey couldn’t contain his excitement and covered Pascale in kisses. Pascale promised to always protect and care for him, ensuring that he would never suffer from cruelty or neglect again. Finally, they returned home to begin their new life as a happy family.

An Ending Full of Imperfections
From being a scared and famished stray, Joey has now become a cherished and mighty companion. With his dad, he relishes exploring New York City, and with his mom, he loves snuggling on the couch. Officer Pascale observed that he has transformed into quite a Mama’s Boy.

Meet Joey, the adorable pooch whose Instagram handle is @Joey Good Doggo. Although he’s not perfect, he’s a nice dog who sometimes rummages through the garbage and dislikes going out in the rain. However, he is content with his life and well-liked by many. At the end of the day, all that really matters to any pup is feeling loved and happy.

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