Heroic Teen Saves Elderly Dog from Drowning


A teenage boy is responsible for saving an elderly dog from drowning when the two happened to be visiting the same area of Chatfield Hollow State Park in Killingworth, Connecticut, at the same time.

An elderly 15-year-old black lab named Casey, went for a swim in the pond. Casey soon became disoriented, fatigued and unable to get back to shore.

That’s when 13-year-old John Koobatian of Madison came to Casey’s rescue.

John’s mom, Nadine Koobatian, told the Patch, “In a frantic attempt to reach shore, she misjudged and instead made her way out to the center of the pond. Unable to swim further, she frantically thrashed and then succumbed to the water. John, watching with his family and friends from the shore, realized that Casey was drowning and her owner was not able to swim out to rescue her. Without hesitation, John swam out to rescue Casey.”

John, 13, comforting Casey after he brought her back to land.

“She was treated at Killingworth Veterinary Hospital and released in good condition,” Nadine added.

With family and friends were nearby, John had a team of supporters close by if he needed help, but they weren’t needed at all. “John is a strong swimmer and avid sailor who has spent most of the summer either on or in the water. We were also prepared to go in after John if we needed to,” Nadine said. “The dog’s owner appeared to be in his mid-70s. He was clearly distraught and there was no way he could have gone in. John definitely saved the dog’s life. We are very proud of him.”

Comments on this Article from July 2012:

Anita, Dec 03, 2012: It’s amazing that you saved the dog, such bravery and kindness. But when I think of what it must have meant to the elderly gentleman, who otherwise would have had to live with the pain of watching his dog down… It breaks my heart to think of what might have been. Fate meant for you to be there, you saved the day!

Sheldon Weingust, Dec 03, 2012: John is a real hero, didn’t hesitate and saved Casey’s life……..more people should be like him………..

Lora, Nov 30, 2012: What an amazing and brave young man.

Dan Hetland, Aug 18, 2012: You did good John, I know your folks are proud of you, and you should be proud of yourself, not just anyone would have done what you did. It took a lot of courage to swim all the way out there and rescue a dog you didn’t know if it was going to bite you or not when you got out there. Scared animals react differently you know, but out you went, like a storm trooper and you brought her back to shore for an old man who would probably be lost without his dog. I’m old and I couldn’t stand it if something were to happen to mine. So as I said, and everyone else on this board has said in every way imaginable, You did good Man, Be Proud.

Cheri, Aug 18, 2012: What an amazing young man…you hear such negativity about teens. It was good to hear something positive. Well done John. Hope Casey’s daddy puts her on a leash next time he walks by the lake. Labs love water but because of her age, I wouldn’t let her go in without someone there to help if she gets in trouble again. My 9 & 10 year old labs have arthritis and they wouldn’t be able to swim that far either.


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