Hilarious…This AUDI R8 GT Spin, Spin, Spin and Spin Again As the Carousel

The Blancpain GT Series. Iconic cars, tracks and drivers.  The Blancpain GT Series is a world class ‘Grand Touring’ competition for homologated GT3 supercars that is organized and promoted by the SRO Motorsports Group. The Blancpain Endurance Series continues to be the world’s most subscribed and best supported GT series with upwards of 55 cars racing at legendary tracks like Monza, Silverstone, Le Castellet, Nürburgring and of course the majestic Spa-Francorchamps – the jewel in the crown of endurance GT races.

We bring to you a hilarious moment from live stream of the Blancpain GT Series – Sprint – Misano 2016 – Qualifying Race.

Conventional motorsport wisdom states that it’s best to end a race driving in a forwards direction across the finish line. Danish Audi racer Nicolaj Moller Madsen clearly isn’t a fan of conventional wisdom, though. He finishes in style at Misano with a 2520° spin.

Heading into the final turn of the opening Blancpain GT Series qualifying race of the 2016 season, Moller Madsen’s No. 5 Audi R8 was battling with the No. 22 Nissan GT-R driven by Ricardo Sanchez.

Sanchez wasn’t willing to back out and the two made contact, the Nissan spinning around on the spot while Moller Madsen attempted to ride out the crash on the wet run-off area.

Unfortunately for Moller Madsen — but fortunately for us — he wasn’t able to keep control, and his car was sent into a wild pirouette across the finish line. With the Audi’s slicks providing next to no grip on the green stuff, Madsen found himself pirouetting seven times.
He must have had one heck of a headache!

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