Horrified with the image of a poor dog with hundreds of arrows in his face, causing him to fall in pain

Kinh hoàng chó bị hàng trăm

There was a little puppy named Bap who lived in a vast forest. Bap was very friendly and always loved life, playing and frolicking with other birds and animals in the forest.

One day, while Bap was hopping and playing in the forest, a group of hunters suddenly appeared and began shooting arrows at him. Bap was frightened and ran away, but the arrows continued to rain down, piercing his ears and eyes.

After a while of running, Bap felt he no longer had the strength to continue. He collapsed to the ground, trying to survive through the pain. The arrows continued to pierce his body, leaving him covered in blood.

A passerby happened to discover Bap and brought him to a nearby animal hospital. However, the injuries were too severe, and the doctors couldn’t do anything to save him. In the end, Bap died in the arms of the passerby, and the arrows still remained in his body as a painful memory.

Bap’s story is one of the many stories of human cruelty towards innocent animals. It serves as a wakeup call for us to cherish and love all forms of life, to protect and care for the creatures around us.


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