It was horrifying and scary at the moment the poor dog had thousands of porcupine quills stabbed into its body, causing it to suffer so much that it collapsed.ThuHa

Sure! Here’s the translation of the story into English:

In a vast meadow, where the lush green grass stretched as far as the eye could see, there was a little dog named Max. Max was a small and adorable dog, carrying within him a loyal heart and a charming mischievousness.

One day, Max decided to explore this expansive meadow. His keen ears began to pick up strange noises in the distance. But before Max could react, thousands of porcupines appeared from deep within the grass.

Max became terrified and tried to escape from the porcupines, but the tiny dog couldn’t avoid the sharp quills. They pierced through Max’s body, causing unimaginable pain. Max attempted to bark, but the sound only emerged in utter despair.

As Max writhed in agony and collapsed on the meadow, a girl named Emily was strolling with her beloved pet dog. Emily heard the desperate cries from afar and followed the sound to investigate.

Emily couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw Max lying prostrate on the ground, covered in porcupine quills. Her heart shattered witnessing the adorable dog in such excruciating pain. Without hesitation, Emily approached Max and began to remove the porcupine quills from his body.

With each quill extracted, Max emitted anguished cries. But Emily didn’t give up; she persevered in her mission to save him. Finally, after a long while, Max was freed from this nightmare.

Emily embraced Max tightly in her arms and kissed his little head. She felt her heart fill with joy as she saw Max safe. Emily brought Max back home and cared for him as a cherished member of the family.

Over time, Max made a full recovery and became a healthy and happy dog. Every night before going to sleep, Max would curl up in Emily’s arms, relishing the feeling of safety and love.

The story of Max and Emily became a touching tale of loyalty and compassion. Max endured horror and fear, but thanks to Emily’s courage and love, the dog was rescued and found joy in life once again.

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