It’s scary and terrifying: rescue the poor dog from the attack of a snake that is crying for help in despair and helplessness.ThuHa

Please note that I have already provided the story in English in my previous response. Here it is again for your convenience:

One beautiful morning, in a small village nestled next to a calm river, life unfolded peacefully. Simple wooden houses adorned the narrow streets, accompanied by the melodious chirping of birds echoing through the air. However, on that day, a dreadful event occurred, awakening the entire village in a terrifying frenzy.

In a small house, there lived a happy family with an adorable puppy named Max. Max was a cute, clever, and loyal little dog. He had become a reliable companion to the family, and every morning, Max and his owner, a young boy named Tom, would venture to the river to play and enjoy the fresh air of nature.

On a sunny day, as Max and Tom were frolicking by the riverside, a sense of impending danger surged through the air. Max caught sight of a gigantic snake slithering towards them with menacing speed. Before Max could react, the snake swiftly coiled itself around him, its grip filled with deadly intent.

Tom cried out in desperate panic, not knowing what to do to save Max. Nearby, the villagers heard Tom’s cries and rushed to assess the situation. They believed that there was nothing they could do to rescue Max from the clutches of the bloodthirsty snake.

But in those moments of despair, an elderly woman appeared. She was a petite fairy, known for her mystical powers and deep understanding of nature. She witnessed the heart-wrenching scene and decided to intervene.

With an ancient enchantment, the fairy transformed Max’s chains into a sturdy rope and a sharp dagger. She lunged into action, engaging in a fierce battle with the vicious snake. Despite her small stature, the fairy’s magical prowess surpassed anyone’s imagination.

Tom and the villagers couldn’t tear their eyes away from the spectacle. They watched in awe as the fairy fought the snake, punching, kicking, and gliding across the water’s surface. Finally, with a decisive strike, she plunged the dagger into the snake’s head. The snake let out a thunderous cry and collapsed to the ground, no longer capable of causing harm to anyone.

The entire village erupted in joyous celebration and profound gratitude for the fairy who had saved Max’s life. They applauded and expressed their heartfelt thanks, firmly believing in the fairy’s extraordinary powers.

With a gentle smile, the fairy accepted their gratitude but humbly stated, “It was not only my power that saved Max, but the collective love and concern of all those present here. It is the power of unity and compassion that truly made a difference today.”

Moved by her words, the villagers realized the significance of their unity and the strength that lay within their community. They pledged to protect and care for one another, as well as all the creatures that inhabited their village.

Tom, still in awe of the fairy’s bravery, approached her with tears in his eyes. He thanked her for rescuing Max and asked if there was any way he could repay her kindness.

The fairy smiled at the young boy and replied, “The best way to show gratitude is by spreading love and kindness wherever you go. Remember, every being, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem, deserves compassion and respect.”

From that day forward, Tom became an advocate for animal welfare. He organized awareness campaigns, spoke at schools about the importance of treating animals with kindness, and even started a local animal shelter to provide a safe haven for abandoned and mistreated animals.

The story of Max’s rescue spread throughout the region, inspiring others to take action and be more mindful of the well-being of animals. The village transformed into a haven of compassion, where every creature was valued and protected.

As the years passed, Max grew into a strong and loyal companion to Tom. Together, they continued their mission of rescuing animals in need and promoting love and empathy in their community.

The tale of Max’s harrowing encounter with the snake and his miraculous rescue became a legend, passed down from generation to generation. It served as a reminder that acts of kindness and bravery can make a profound impact, transcending boundaries and bringing about positive change.

And so, the village thrived as a beacon of compassion, where no creature had to wait for help or face danger alone. The bond between humans and animals grew stronger, and the legacy of Max’s rescue lived on as a reminder that we all have the power to make a difference.

In the end, it was not just the rescue of a small puppy that mattered, but the transformation it sparked within the hearts of those who witnessed the event. It taught them that by extending a helping hand and showing empathy, they could create a world where no one had to wait for rescue, and every life was valued.

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