It’s so pitiful to rescue the poor old paralyzed dog that was abandoned when hunger and thirst were killing it

One fateful day, an accident occurred that drastically changed Buster’s life. The playful and active boy who found joy in running and engaging in gentle activities became paralyzed from severe spinal damage caused by a car. The impact left Buster with an unnatural flexion in his hind feet and unable to bear any weight, seemingly condemning him to remain immobile forever.

We urgently took Buster to the veterinary clinic due to his intense pain and immobility, in order for him to have a chance at recovery. A full examination was done at the clinic.

The veterinarian, after examining Buster, found no evidence of fractures or blood loss, but did observe severe damage to his spine. To recover his mobility in his hind legs, a lengthy and difficult therapy process was required. Despite the challenge, we were determined to stay by Buster’s side all the way through his recovery.

At first, Buster’s progress was slow. He had to be carried and was in a lot of pain. Over time, though, we started to see signs of progress. His leg strength grew and eventually he was able to stand on his own.

We devoted ourselves to helping Buster every day, giving him the therapy and aid he needed to regain his strength. His courage and dedication were remarkable, and he never lost hope. Similarly, his caregivers never lost faith and kept working hard for him.

After six weeks of therapy, Buster’s progress was remarkable. Defying all expectations, he was able to walk again, albeit slightly unsteady. His strong will to carry on was admirable, and we felt a surge of joy when we saw the incredible progress he had made. Even though there were still obstacles to overcome, we were thrilled with the outcome.

Today, Buster radiates with beauty and joy as a canine. Despite being injured, he continues to frolic and play. His strength of will and resilience is an inspiring reminder of what can be achieved when you put in the effort. Miracles can happen when you don’t give up.

Buster’s story is just one of many animals in need of help. Numerous strays suffer from injuries and illnesses, and desperately need assistance. That is why we ask for your generous donation to support our animal rescue efforts. With your invaluable contribution, we can continue to provide care and support for animals such as Buster, allowing them to lead happy and fulfilling lives.

Buster’s journey is a symbol of the resilience of all animals and the power of human kindness. It proves that no matter how difficult the journey may be, love and care can overcome any obstacle and make the seemingly impossible a reality.

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