Jingle “Burnout” Bells – This Brutal 685whp CTS-V Christmas Tree Burnout Will Get You In The Holiday Spirit

The Christmas holidays are just around the corner and all of us have our lists shaped up and ready for Santa to look over. For some of us, the contents of our list include headers, intake manifolds, turbos, and all of the like.

As the holidays approach, some of us celebrate their arrival in our own special way. And what’s better way than the old tradition to go get your Christmas tree yourself in the forest?

This time we’re accompanied by a Cadillac CTS-V wagon that is most definitely ready for the holidays. The Hauser family really seized the moment in this one, creating what we believe to possibly be one of the greatest virtual Christmas cards of all time.

The scene starts off looking pretty serene, a couple in a station wagon with a Christmas tree tied to the roof is driving through the woods, a light dusting of snow on either side of the road. Christmas songs are playing on the radio and there are a couple of cups of what we assume is hot chocolate in the cup holders. But this station wagon is a  685HP Cadillac CTS-V Sport Wagon, and nobody makes videos of CTS-Vs doing serene things, even at Christmas time.

Check out the video below as the V strapped up with a Christmas tree rips one heck of a burnout, with exhaust screaming! Now THAT’S how you take your Christmas tree home in America!

We guarantee that watching this video will have you ready to rip open all the presents and give the fat guy wearing red a big old hug as well! Merry Christmas from the Hauser Family and from the ThrottleXtreme team!

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