Last of the ‘Vick Dogs’ Crosses Rainbow Bridge


The last of the great 48 – the dogs rescued from Michael Vick’s dogfighting operation – has passed on. BAD RAP shared the news on December 20, 2021 that Frodo passed away peacefully surrounded by his family a few days earlier.

“The incredible ‘Vick dog’ era is over,” BAD RAP wrote on Facebook. “On Saturday, we had the great honor and privilege of attending the transition of the sweet, shy Frodo as his family helped him pass over to be with the rest of the dogs from the group.”

“He was the last of 48 brave survivors from that game changing case. Seized and rescued in 2007, we estimate that he would’ve been 15 years old – and THIS is the important part – the last 14 years of his life were spent being pampered like a prince with the Ramirez family and dogs,” BAD RAP continued. “Sweet Frodo – How we loved him. He was one of the bravest survivors we’ve ever met.”

Frodo’s passing happened only two days after the beloved Jonny Justice said goodbye to his family (Cris and Jen) and crossed Rainbow Bridge. Uba, another Vick survivor, had passed away in October.

Of the photo BAD RAP shared, they wrote,”Frodo gobbled that big bag of steak under the tears of his mama, Kim Ramirez and her daughter Dominique. Thank you Dr. Williams for tending to his medical needs up until the end. He trusted you and you made this moment so perfect.)”

BAD RAP courtesy of Frodo’s family.

The dogs rescued over a decade ago had a profound impact on animal rescue and the general public’s awareness of the horrors of dog fighting. The dogs – all Pit bulls – established an amazing legacy after overcoming both physical and emotional injuries at the hands of their abusers. They moved on to loving homes and loving lives and became breed ambassadors. They also helped animal rescuers advocate for stricter laws and punishments for dog fight organizers across the United States.

Best Friends Society, who was involved in many of the dogs’ rescue and rehabilitation wrote, “After an astonishing legacy, from coast to coast, from warm homes to state capitals, these beloved dogs have been the living embodiment of resiliency. Their courage proved that there’s no such thing as “too damaged” or “beyond hope.” Their story has been captured in television, print, and The Champions film, and the impact of their lives will live on in our hearts forever.”

Dogs Deserve Better, another rescue involved in dog rescue, took over Vick’s old estate and converted it into an animal shelter. They shared their condolences:

“And then there were none.
“Such a very sad couple of months to lose the final 3.

“But their contribution to the lives of survivors of the horrendous dogfighting rings that are rescued continues and will be given a chance…thanks to so many who fought for them but especially to the dogs who shed light on the fact that they CAN be helped and live wonderful lives after rescue.

“Their spirits, hearts, and resilience will forever be a part of 1915 Moonlight Rd. The good it became in 2011.

“Rest in Peace, all of you amazing dogs..and may you have the best time catching up with your dozens of buddies.”

And BAD RAP signed off with, “Warm sympathies and gratitude to the families. We’ll come back with more on each special dog and the lives they lived, but for now, it’s time to have a little cry and say good-bye to them all.”


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