Left Alone and Struck by a Vehicle: A Dog’s Desperate Wait for Assistance

I received a distress call seeking my assistance for a severely injured dog that could hardly stand. Each attempt to rise was met with stumbling and falls. The dog’s condition was critical, and the cause of the injury remained unknown. Upon reaching the veterinarian’s office, we observed that the dog was damp, almost as though she had been in the water. The vet examined her and noted a low-grade fever of 37 degrees.

The poor lady is currently enjoying a refreshing drink, but regrettably, she appears to be suffering from dehydration. Additionally, her body bears numerous wounds. I promptly took her to the vet, who administered soothing fluids. In an effort to ensure her comfort, I have blankets and a heating pad in my vehicle.

I’m making every effort to keep her warm and comfortable. Despite the emotional toll she’s taken on me, I am determined to see her through this ordeal. It is possible that she was struck by a car, which might explain her current state. To compound matters, she was apparently thrown into a river. Nonetheless, I am here for her now, and we are all holding onto hope for a miracle. Her name is Dara, and your thoughts and prayers for her recovery would mean the world to us.

Furthermore, it was evident that Dara had an owner, as there was a collar mark on her neck. It is disheartening to contemplate the abandonment of such an elderly dog. It is highly likely that she spent her entire life on a chain. Fortunately, Dara appears to be improving considerably and has even had a bit of food and water. I am relieved that we found her in time.

Despite several days of testing, there is a glimmer of hope as my furry friend wags her tail and even agrees to take short walks on her own. However, the tests have revealed concerning issues such as water accumulation in her lungs and around her heart. Moreover, she is severely dehydrated, making it risky to administer an IV, as it could strain her lungs and potentially have fatal consequences.

After undergoing a series of therapies, Dara is now showing significant improvement. Alongside the veterinarian’s treatment, I am showering her with love and attention, precisely what she needs for a full recovery.


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