Like Intercontinental Missile: This is Certainly No Ordinary Volvo 740!

Remember when Volvo’s were safe, boxy cars that teachers and vegetarians drove? They were nice enough I suppose, but always lacked that bit of “flair” needed to take them to the next level.

Excuse me sir, but you appear to have a Volvo attached to your Insanely big Supercharged V8!

This particular giant box was built by Gunnar Larsson. Gunner’s ride started out as a mundane 1987 Volvo 740 Sedan, however after mulling it over a bit he decided to add some much needed power by way of a small block Chevy clad with a 6/71-blower. It’s not politically correct and is about as environmentally friendly as an atom bomb, but once you see this sucker go I think you’ll agree that Mr. Larsson has created one bad ass box.

Here we have a video with one blown Volvo 740 with a V8 motor under the hood, doing a little `behind the barn` drifting warm ups. It is not a sight that you can see every day, right? According to that little info that we could find about it, this highly modified Volvo has an engine from a 1985 Corvette, and it can generate 750 HP. What a BEAUTIFUL noise!

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