List of Cheap Muscle Cars for Sale in 2016

Finding cheap muscle cars for sale can be an arduous task these days. Everyone wants a nice piece of American muscle without having to pay the exorbitant prices that the few existing owners and dealers charge.
You might have been turned off by some of the prices in the past, but I am here to tell you that there are some great cheap muscle cars for sale out there today. This list will compile some the cheapest cars that are of good quality.
I will not be listing any failed experiments or unpopular cars that have a cornucopia of issues surrounded with them.

Onto the List of Cheap Muscle Cars for Sale Today

1. AMC Javelin (Late 1967-1974): The AMC Javelin has always been a classic American car that has been well worth the price.  Only in supply for 8 years, the Javelin is one of  AMC’s best creations that has slipped under the radar for quite a while. Fortunately, this is a good thing for interested buyers as the price has stayed relatively low.

Poor Condition: $2,000
Good Condition: $25,000+

2. First Generation Pontiac Firebird (1967-1969):The Firebird has survived the tests of time all the way to 2002. A swift and unique looking pony car, it is a great buy for muscle car enthusiasts. It comes in 230 cubic inch 3.8 L V8 up to a 400 cubic inch 6.6 L V8 engine. It is very fast, and very much available for purchase today.

Poor Condition: $1,000
Good Condition: $24,000

3. Chevrolet Nova SS (1969-1972):The Chevy Nova is a beautiful muscle car and a drag racing monster. It can be highly modified and made to be an absolute beast. There were a lot manufactured so the price has not risen too high as many other classic cars have over the last decade. There is one up in just about every classic car auction you go to, so finding one is quite easy as well.

Poor Condition: $2,000
Good Condition: $20,000+

4. Dodge Dart (1969): With the return of the Dodge Dart in 2014, it is only right that it belongs on this list. It was replaced as a sedan in 1968 and became a 2 door swinger  hardtop in 1969. Also, in this same year the very limited edition 440 cubic inch V8 GTS was produced. You can still find these available but I have a feeling the price might increase slightly with the re-introduction in 2014.

Poor Condition: $3,000
Good Condition: $20,000

5. Ford Mustang (1965):The fastback version is highly available in the United States. Some of these cars can reach astronomically high prices, but don’t let that turn you off on this very popular classic. There are plenty out there that have a decent price tag that won’t run you too much. Remember, this is one of the greatest muscle cars in existence, and the 1965 version is a decent one that doesn’t have a hefty price tag. You can easily find them in any classic car auction.

Poor Condition: $4,000
Good Condition: $18,000+

That concludes this list of cheap muscle cars for sale in 2016. There are many different classic muscles out there, but many of them can leave you in quite a pitfall depending on which version you purchase and from what year it is. The five cars listed above are in the more reliable side of the spectrum that are definitely affordable for many people today. Owning an old muscle car is a privilege, one you will definitely enjoy.

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