Lonely Pup Seeks Attention by Wagging Her Tail at Every Person Who Walks By

A stray dog’s persistence paid off when she refused to be abandoned, catching the attention of a team of animal rescuers who usually assist elephants.

In the chilly city of Sri Lanka, a tiny puppy fought to survive, living in the bustling market. She would wag her tail hopefully whenever someone passed by, longing for someone to notice her. That’s when Lek Chailert and a group of rescue workers from Elephant Nature Park spotted her.

Thailand’s Elephant Nature Park serves as a sanctuary for rescued elephants facing various challenges and hardships. During their elephant research expedition in Sri Lanka, the team came across this puppy as they passed through Nuwela Eliya. The puppy was wagging her tail, trying to get the attention of people in the busy market area. They shared this touching moment on their YouTube channel.

As people hurried past, the little puppy’s distress went unnoticed. While our team took a moment to show her some affection, our tight schedule prevented us from staying long. However, as we continued our journey, the puppy started following us, covering quite a distance before we decided to return her to her original spot. Yet, she persisted in following us, eventually winning our hearts with her unwavering determination.

Lek and her companions found themselves in an unfamiliar place when they encountered this needy pup. Despite their best efforts, finding someone to care for the puppy proved challenging. Their initial plan was to ask passersby to adopt her, but they soon realized that no one was interested because the dog was female. As hope dwindled, they thought of seeking help from their driver, Thushara, who was nearby. Thankfully, he agreed to take care of the puppy for them.

We bought a fresh blanket for our newfound companion and gave her a refreshing bath. Our suitcases were transformed into her cozy sleeping quarters during her stay with us at the hotel.

I believe this is her first evening experiencing a peaceful and comfortable slumber.

Three years have passed, and they gave their furry friend the name Lek Lek. Now, the question arises: How is Lek Lek doing these days?

Thushara and his family are taking good care of her, and she’s in excellent health and spirits. Even after three years, she still remembers Lek.

Whether it’s a big or small rescue, the actions of rescuers have the power to transform lives. The individuals who saved Lek Lek believe that they can make a meaningful impact on at least one life through their efforts. Witness the touching reunion between Lek Lek and her rescuers by watching the heartwarming video below.


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