Loyal Service Canine Jumps to Protect His Blind Owner from Oncoming School Bus

The unwavering loyalty and incredible courage of a guide dog were on full display when he sensed imminent danger approaching his blind owner in the form of a school bus.

Audrey Stone and her faithful service dog, Figo, were crossing the street when they went unnoticed by the school bus driver. In a split second, Figo sprang into action, throwing himself in the path of the oncoming bus to shield his owner.

According to USA Today, Brewster’s Chief of Police, John Del Gardo, expressed his deep admiration for Figo’s bravery, noting that the dog bravely absorbed much of the impact and steadfastly refused to leave his owner’s side. Figo stood there as her protector and savior.

Heroic guide dog jumps in front of a BUS to save owner

Stone received immediate attention from a team of fifteen EMTs after sustaining multiple injuries, including a fractured right elbow, ankle, and three broken ribs. Amidst the chaos and pain, Figo, her beloved companion, remained faithfully by her side, providing comfort with his mere presence.

Even when Figo suffered a severe cut on his right leg during the incident, he displayed remarkable composure, not uttering a single whine or bark as emergency medical technicians swiftly bandaged his wound.

Guide dog jumps in front of oncoming bus to save blind owner | The Independent | The Independent

Since Figo couldn’t accompany Stone in the ambulance, he was transported to receive veterinary care in the Brewster Fire Department truck.

Currently, both Figo and Stone are on the road to recovery, receiving treatment at the hospital. Figo’s selflessness and unwavering courage are truly inspiring. Share the story of his heroic act with your loved ones!


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