Man Saves Starving Dog Wandering in Middle of Desert


Matt Bentley was out with his dog to celebrate her birthday when he spotted a malnourished dog in the middle of the desert! Matt Bentley was four-wheeling in Utah’s West Desert salt flats when he saw a dog running in the distance.

“Just going 4-wheeling, it’s actually my dog’s birthday [Tuesday], so I wanted kind of wanted to take [Bella] to a new spot,” he explained in a video. “Middle of nowhere on the salt flats, probably been out there forever.”

He jumped out of his Jeep and called to the dog, who came running to him. Matt put her in his Jeep and when he turned on the light he realized what poor shape she was in.

He drove the dog to the emergency vet and posted a video of her to Facebook with a plea for help.

“Really sad… Somehow this poor thing was left clear out at knolls by the salt flats miles from anyone,” he wrote in the video’s description. “I was able to take her to the animal ER but will be put down if no one will take the puppy in…if your able to or would like to help find a home for it please lmk asap.. like we’re talking hours that this dog has so…”

The dog came to the attention of Utah Animal Adoption Center (UAAC), who agreed to rescue her and have named her Kelly.

“I have never seen a dog in that bad of a shape,” Lila Oulson, the UAAC shelter manager told Fox13 News. Kelly is covered in sarcoptic mange and is severely malnourished.

She said that based on the dog’s condition, she must have been out wandering the desert for at least three months, if not longer. “I don’t think she would have survived another week or two out there,” Oulson said.

In the winter months, temperatures regularly dip below freezing in the the West Desert. It’s incredible that Kelly was able to survive as long as she did.

Oulson says that Kelly may be physically poor, but she has a wonderful personality.

“She’s just being so sweet,” Oulson said. “She wants to be around people.”

Kelly has started eating food and will be monitored closely. She hasn’t yet been scanned for a microchip, to see if she has an owner looking for her. But Oulson expects Kelly to make a fully recovery in around a month’s time, after which she will be put up for adoption.


Kelly has come a long way since she was rescued. The video below shows her amazing transformation and the amazing forever home she ended up in!

You can support other dogs like Kelly by visiting the Utah Animal Adoption Center website.


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