Miraculous Rescue: Bernard Pups Safely Recovered From Cliff After Persistent Calls for Assistance

Two charming St. Bernard cross puppies, at just 16 weeks old, found themselves in a perilous situation as they became stranded on a cliff ledge in Mission, British Columbia for several days. The distressed yelps and cries of the puppies echoed through the nearby forest, drawing the attention of local residents who listened to their plight for four long days.

Emma Wilfert couldn’t ignore the puppies’ desperate cries after hearing them for four consecutive days. She could tell that the puppies were in distress, continuously howling and whimpering until twilight fell. Frustrated by the lack of action from authorities, Emma and her father decided to take matters into their own hands. They embarked on a challenging journey through the dense forest, ultimately discovering the puppies perched atop a steep cliff.

Puppies rescued from cliff after

However, reaching the puppies’ location was a daunting task without the necessary climbing equipment. It was evident that someone would have to rappel down to reach them. That’s when Mission’s Search and Rescue team was alerted to the situation.

The dedicated volunteers of Mission Search and Rescue received the distress call about the stranded puppies. They understood that if they didn’t act swiftly, someone else might attempt a rescue, potentially resulting in additional emergencies. “As search and rescue, we always prioritize public safety,” emphasized SAR manager Dean Osen in an interview with CTV News. The team, consisting of 15 members, divided into three groups: two approached the dogs from the ledge, while one team came from below, ensuring a safe and successful rescue operation.

Rescued puppies will be up for adoption if owner doesn

Upon arriving at the edge of the cliff, the energetic puppies joyfully tumbled onto the rescuers’ open jackets. Roger, a member of the Search and Rescue team, described how excited the dogs were to see them.


Exhausted, the little pups soon drifted off to sleep in the comforting arms of their saviors. A veterinarian examined them and found that, given their ordeal, they were surprisingly healthy. Despite their skinny and shivering appearance, they showed no signs of hypothermia, injuries, or infestations.

It was evident that the puppies had been recently groomed, and the vet who examined them suspected they had been abandoned. The BC SPCA’s animal cruelty team was alerted and is now looking after the puppies until they can be adopted. However, the adoption process may take some time. The puppies have been given the names Duchess and Francine.

The BC SPCA Maple Ridge Branch expressed heartfelt gratitude to all the supporters who assisted Duchess and Francine as they transitioned from their mountain ordeal. They extended their thanks to the Mission Search & Rescue Society for their exceptional rescue efforts and to Dewdney Animal Hospital Ltd. for their help in examining the puppies. Although the stray hold is still in effect, these furry companions are currently content, in good health, and enjoying their meals while awaiting their forever homes.

Puppies rescued from cliff after

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