Miraculous rescue: Poor dog trapped deep underground for hours was saved in time thanks to everyone’s efforts

Last Sunday, Lilly the Jack Russell made a serious error when she pursued a rabbit into a muddy drainpipe in Easton, Somerset. The four-year-old terrier failed to realize that she was slightly heavier than the small creature she was chasing, resulting in her getting trapped six meters into her adventure.

Via Facebook/Wells Fire StationFiona Withers, the owner of Lilly, made an earnest attempt to free her dog on her own. However, after two hours of unproductive efforts, she reluctantly concluded that she had no option but to seek assistance from the fire brigade.
Via Facebook/Wells Fire Station

“I could hear her barking. I tried getting her out, digging around, but I just couldn’t get to her,” Ms Withers told the BBC. “It was quite embarrassing having three fire tenders turn up.”

Fire crews from Wells, Glastonbury, and Yeovil stations collaborated in the operation. Initially, their efforts focused on removing debris from the pipe to rescue Lilly. However, their attempts proved futile, leading them to resort to digging and cutting open the pipe.

Via Facebook/Wells Fire Station

Lilly was given sedation and successfully extracted, with no injuries sustained. Currently, she is recuperating comfortably within her home.

Via Facebook/Wells Fire Station

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