Mom Dog And 9 One-Day-Old Puppies Covered By The Snow That Will Make You Cry


We received a report of a mother dog and her 9 pups in a hole near a gas station. Without hesitation, we rushed to find her. Oh my God! The girl and the children are in the pit.

She just gave birth a day ago. She is covered with snow. She is very tired but she tries to protect her child from the cold. She and her children are unprotected.

The mother dog is very scared. . . but very courageous to protect the puppies.

Finally, we also brought her into the car and brought her back to the shelter. However, the 4 puppies were not so lucky. We only saved 5 puppies and their mother. We named her Palma.

She was very hungry and also ate a lot. 5 puppies are very well taken care of, they are warmed. 1 month later 5 puppies grow up, they are living a happy and warm life.

Today, the mother dog will be spayed. It’s time for her to enjoy this happy life. This is Dukat – The great big brother. Tugrik – A shy child and here is the only cute girl – Dinar They are 3. 5 months old, are living a wonderful life with their foster mother.


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