Moment of bravery: the strong dog that is not afraid of danger rushes into battle at once with four poisonous sparrows to protect his loved ones, until his last breath, he collapsed.ThuHa

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A dog in the village of Sebekapur in the state of Odisha, India, became the “hero” of the villagers after sacrificing his life to bite four extremely poisonous cobras that crawled into his owner’s house.

Telegraph on July 15 reported, the incident happened at night when a male dog Doberman discovered four poisonous mountain cobras slithering into the yard of a house in Sebekapur village. The dog immediately rushed to attack to prevent the venomous snakes from entering.

The dog fought with poisonous snakes for 4 hours. After the fierce battle, all 4 venomous snakes were bitten to death, but the brave dog could not survive due to the venom from many bites.

“I am very shocked. This is a great sacrifice for my family. I will remember the dog until I die. May god bless the dog rest in peace,” Dibakar Raita, the dog’s owner, shared. shall.

After the story of the brave dog sacrificing himself to protect his owner spread, hundreds of people came to Raita’s home to lay a memorial wreath on the animal’s carcass. The dog’s funeral was solemnly held before being buried.

Sebakpur village is located at the foothills surrounded by many shrubs, so wild animals often appear in the village, especially poisonous snakes crawling from the bushes into houses and livestock stables.

Doberman is the name of a breed of dog with a toned body, often kept for housekeeping, guarding or on duty. This breed is very intelligent and obedient to its owner. They rarely attack humans or other animals unless sensing imminent danger to their owners.


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