“Monty’s Long Wait for a Loving Home: 7 Years in Kennels Without a Family to Call His Own”

Monty, a furry little canine residing at a rescue center in Edenbridge, England, has earned the title of being one of the most overlooked dogs in the country. Despite spending a good seven years of his life at the rescue, Monty has failed to find a permanent home, leaving personnel at Last Chance Animal Rescue perplexed.


Monty’s early life was spent being confined in a cramped cage, which had a lasting impact on him. He struggled to build trust with humans and had a gloomy demeanor when he was saved from his abusive upbringing. However, despite being up for adoption, Monty has yet to receive much attention from potential adopters.

Monty has spent seven years in kennels and still no one wants to adopt him  - Pet Rescue Report

Monty is a sweet dog who unfortunately suffers from a bent back, which the vets think may have been caused by his previous owners keeping him in a small box for too long. Sadly, this experience has left him with some trust issues, and he needs someone patient and kind to show him that not all humans are bad. Despite this, Monty loves being around people and getting lots of cuddles from the rescue staff. In the past, he didn’t get on so well with other animals and would often bark at them, but he’s made progress during his time in the shelter and can now walk calmly past them without any fuss.

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Monty is a pup who craves love and attention from just one owner, he’s not into sharing and can quickly become jealous. This jealousy sometimes leads to violent outbursts, especially when he’s around other animals. He barks and pulls at them aggressively and needs to be muzzled in public places. Monty’s next owner needs to be physically strong because he tends to strike their legs while trying to approach other dogs. However, with patience and time, Monty can learn to peacefully coexist with other dogs without barking or attacking.

Monty would do best in a household without any other furry companions, and with a caring owner who can assist him in his training. As a lively pup, he loves to run around and play fetch, but he has a tendency to hold onto the tennis balls instead of bringing them back.

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