Need help: Found the poor dog chained unconscious on the road, it was so painful that it collapsed.ThuHa

Last Sunday (7), Claudia Maria Barbosa from São Paulo was walking through the streets of São Paulo when she saw a puppy crying in a vacant lot.

As he approached, he noticed that he was chained to a wooden door next to another dog, lying unconscious on the floor.

“I was taking a walk along Avenida Brasil Gaivota when I came across a crying puppy attached to another one lying on the ground. The owner put the dogs on the chain and left […]”, reported Claudia in a post shared on Facebook.




Shocked and saddened by the scene, the woman decided to invade the land to help the animals. Unfortunately, she soon discovered something terrible there.

“I took the little one away because the other one was already dead and had hanged himself on the chain”, lamented Claudia.

The surviving puppy was taken in by the woman from São Paulo. Shortly afterwards, she called on the competent authorities to collect the deceased doggo; The owner of these animals will be held responsible for what she did, according to the Samson Law.

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