No Buddy, Your 1500HP+ Toyota Engine Cannot Handle This Dyno

Always try new things to push for more horsepower.. Then shit happens sometimes…

We have seen a lot of dyno test failures over the web and this video must be one of those insane explosions.

Sad, sad, sad… is all I can think and say when I watch this video of this Toyota engine fail on the dyno! Yet, here we are, our heads bowed, mourning for the loss of this Toyota engine for this engines is, excuse me, was a beast of an engine that at one time pumped out MORE than 1500 horsepower.

However, when you click play you will watch this 1500-horsepower plus Toyota engine decides to take an early vacation and blow up on the dyno to kills dreams and happiness. The engine blown up and we actually have never seen such damage on the engine that you can actually see straight through!

Check out the video below that shows disaster unfolding in front of our eyes as things get just a little bit messy in the dyno room. Sad, sad, sad…

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