Old Man With a Heavy Right Foot Scares the Hell Out of the Mercedes-Benz Technicians in a 510Hp C63 AMG Prank Video

510 horsepower and unsuspecting victims is always a fun combination…
The Phone rings at the local Mercedes-Benz service. An 82-year old costumer calls and asks someone to come to where he is, because he thinks his C63 AMG sound terribly wrong. There is this sound at the rear and the car keeps side-slipping and he refuses to drive the car any further without a mechanic in the car.

He is pulled over to the side of the road in a precarious position, too afraid to continue moving because of a noise at the back of the car. The victims of this prank are the mechanics sent in to solve the man’s problem.

Of course, under all the makeup is none other than Norwegian World Rally Championship winner Petter Solberg. Two lucky Mercedes-Benz technicians – who simply thought they were off to repair a fault were given the ride of their lives.

The car is powered by the all-famous V8 delivering 510 HP and getting from a standstill to 100 km/h in just 3.9 seconds and Norwegian champion drives it as it should be driven.
The funny thing is that Petter kept a straight face throughout the whole prank. He was so convincing as a moderately senile old man that you get the feeling he could cut it as an actor when he finally decides to give up on driving.
The best part is the contrast in reactions from the unwitting passengers. It includes everything from anger to fear to joy.
Watch the hilarious car video prank below:

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