Paralyzed Dog’s Family Dump Her at Shelter and Take Her Wheelchair With Them


Angie the Cocker Spaniel is just 2 years old, but sometime in her young life she fractured her vertebrae and became paralyzed in her back legs. How and when remains a mystery. But what is known is that Angie’s owners brought her to the Miami-Dade Animal Services and surrendered her. And before they left, they took her wheelchair with them.

Urgent Dogs of Miami posted Angie’s story on their Facebook page and pleaded with their followers to help her:

“URGENT! Just when you think you’ve heard everything you could about crappy owners, you hear this,” they wrote. “Angie is paralyzed and was just dumped at the shelter by her owners who took her wheelchair back with them!! Per shelter notes: Recommend transfer to a 24 hour care veterinary facility prior to 6:30 PM on 2/22/16 or humane euthanasia may be indicated.”

That Angie’s owners abandoned her without a way for her to walk is shocking. Thankfully, word got to Lovely Loaves Special Needs Rescue & Sanctuary, an animal rescue that takes in special needs pets. When they heard of Angie’s plight they arranged for transport and the following day, the sweet Cocker Spaniel was on her way to their rescue.

“Angie is out of the shelter, on the road and SAFE SAFE SAFE!” Lovey Loaves posted to Facebook.

Within a few hours she was getting a bath (she was filthy) and had a warm place to sleep for the night before visiting the vet the next morning.

Loaves Special Needs Rescue

They also rechristened her “Molly”. Vets determined Molly has a fractured T11 (11th thoracic) vertebra. They don’t know how long she has suffered this injury, but fortunately it was not causing her any pain.

The group wrote:

“Molly has no deep pain, which means that it is not at all likely that she will recover use of her hind end, no matter the amount or method of rehab (acupuncture, hydrotherapy, etc). We will be getting her an Eddie’s Wheels for Pets cart custom built to her measurements thanks to the generosity of a donor who will be excessively thanked in a separate post at a later time.

Loaves Special Needs Rescue

“She also has a severe ear infection, a severe UTI, a skin infection, an irritable bowel, and a swollen/bleeding rectum. She is also not spayed. So… in a nutshell, it’s meds and rest and love and rest and love and love and some more love for her. That is what she needs.”

Loaves Special Needs Rescue

Molly is now in a foster home, which she loves. She is resting and taking it easy. Her new special set of wheels will be coming in a few weeks and these will never be taken away from her. Whatever Molly’s future holds, it will be one filled with happiness and love.


Molly got her set of wheels and as soon as she had them on she was zipping and zooming all over the place. She moved so fast she couldn’t be photographed. “Molly is super happy, super high-energy, and wants to play play play,” said Lovely Loaves.

“Yo, so I just got these wheels… you really think I’m going to stand still for you to snap a photo? I’m outta here!”

With her new cart and after having several weeks of rest and recuperation, Molly was put up for adoption.

Loaves Special Needs Rescue

A few months later, she found a forever home with a family to look after her and love her.

Loaves Special Needs Rescue

Over the years, Molly and her new family have kept in touch with Lovely Loaves and they help out the rescue whenever they get a chance.

Says the rescue, “We see so many gut-wrenching, agonizing cases… dogs that have never been outside, dogs that have been confined to sheds or garages, dogs that have never played or known a kind touch. We tend to physical needs through vet care and rehab, etc… but we also tend to emotional needs. A little bit of love and kindness goes a long way. And new toys! New toys do wonders”. Sharing a video of Molly, the group added, “Molly here sure got excited about her new things when she joined us.”

Consider making a donation to Lovely Loaves Special Needs Rescue & Sanctuary.

Loaves Special Needs Rescue


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