People couldn’t help but admire when the man sacrificed everything to rescue the dog that was stuck for days in the sewer during heavy rain

Do you recall those mischievous childhood days when we used to get into all sorts of trouble? Even though our mothers scolded us, those memories are etched in our minds and worth revisiting time and time again.

As reported by the Daily Mail, a rescue team recently undertook a mission to free a dog that had been trapped in a sewer in Bahia Blanca, Buenos Aires state, eastern Argentina, for more than four long days.

From the video footage, it’s evident that the unfortunate dog found itself lodged in the sewer, unable to move. Despite the dire situation, the clever pup managed to keep its head, nose, and paws above the drain’s surface, ensuring it could still breathe.
The circumstances leading to the dog’s predicament remain a mystery, but thanks to the efforts of the municipality of Bahia Blanca in Argentina and Civil Defense officials, the terrified dog was rescued.

This beautiful pup, who had endured days trapped in a sewer, emerged with a mixture of fear and uncertainty on its face.
Kind-hearted neighbors from the Roca and Terrada intersection in the city provided the dog with food and water while simultaneously alerting 911 to the situation.

Swiftly responding, Civil Defense personnel exerted tremendous effort to extract the trapped dog from its ordeal.
The puppy was taken to the Second Section, where it now awaits adoption by a loving family.

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