Photographer Captures All the Goofiness and Joy of Dogs Lying Upside Down


There’s something so lovable and goofy about a dog upside down, that you can’t help but smile. That’s what photographer Serena Hodson thought and decided to take a whole series of photos of upside down dogs!

The Australian photographer explains how her concept originated saying, “Upside Down Dogs began with a simple idea – to capture the delight and joy of dogs in an upside down pose.”

“The way dog’s lips drop towards gravity almost gives this impression they are smiling,” she observes. “Their facial expressions offer an antidote to human stress that should be bottled and sold as medication.”

Now the photographer’s whimsical photos have been collected into a book Upside Down Dogs and her genuine love of dogs is clear in every photograph.

Serena shared some of her pictures with for everyone to enjoy.

“When I first got involved in photography, I saw it as a hobby – a way for me to record those magical moments that happen in an animal’s everyday life,” Serena says.

“At the time I was living with Rocco, my bullmastiff and my sister’s dachshund, Ralph. Their relationship was my inspiration and what I managed to capture drove me to take my photography seriously.”

“I’ve always been an animal lover, but I never knew that passion would lead to my life’s purpose – photography.”

“This creative outlet allows me to capture the joy dogs bring to my life and then share that with the world.”

Serena believes every animal has a secret life and a a unique personality that few people get to witness.

She explains “that’s why I get so much satisfaction from capturing each individual animal’s expression.”

“I love working with animals because they have no hang-ups – they don’t put on an act, they don’t complain about an unflattering photo and most of all, they make me happy.”

She usually gives the dogs she works with lots of treats and uses them toys along with lots of positive encouragement, to make the experience fun.

She never forces them into a position, always relying on the dogs to be their normal, goofy selves.

“My two bulldogs Simon and Garfunkel make me laugh every day – they keep me grounded through stressful times and always improve my mood with their antics and attitudes to life.”

She observed her two dogs rolling around on their backs and noticed it is “heaven on earth for them.”

“This is where I saw my first glimpse of ‘Upside Down Dog’ captured in that unique moment of on-bed-upside-down-bliss,” she says.

Serena points out, “We need dogs to help us find joy in everyday pleasures, and our dogs need us to make the bed so they can jump up and roll around.”

You can see more of Serena’s awesome photography at her website, on Facebook and in her book, Upside Down Dogs available through Amazon.

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