Please come and save the dog trapped in the iron bar in the heart of the house, it is helpless, desperate, almost no longer knows how to get out.ThuHa

Stuck, bur pretending everything is fine.

As the rays of the sun shone through the windows, warming the room and illuminating the feather dust that hovered in the air, Lucky the dog felt helpless and despairing in his heart. He was trapped in an iron rod in the heart of the house, unable to get out.

Lucky is a small and adorable dog. He lives in a small house with his devoted and loving family. But one day, when Lucky’s owner doesn’t notice, he gets caught up in an unexpected adventure. In the living room, there was an iron door, and Lucky got between the small iron bars.

At first, Lucky ran around, excited and excited. But when he tried to get past the iron bars back to the house, he realized that the gaps between them were too tight. He tried to lie down, trying to gently slide over, but failed. Lucky was stuck between the iron bars, unable to move and unable to find a way out.

Feeling trapped every day makes Lucky become desperate. He screamed and screamed, hoping that someone would listen and come save him. But over time, the screaming voice became weaker and more tired. Lucky feels abandoned and alone.

With each passing day, Lucky became weaker. He no longer had the strength to scream and try to escape from the iron bar. Hope slowly faded, and he seemed to have accepted his fate of being trapped in the heart of the house.

But one day, a little girl named Emily, the daughter of the family, heard a faint groan coming from the living room. She runs to and finds Lucky, her beloved dog, trapped. Emily is heartbroken to see Lucky like this and is determined to help him out of the pitiful situation.

Emily calls the family together and together they find a way to free Lucky. They tried all sorts of ways, from trying to pull him out with their hands to using different tools and tools. Emily even took a stick and tried to shred the iron. But every time they try, they fail.

Day after day, the family does not stop making efforts. They do not give up and believe that they will find a way to save Lucky. Each failure only confirmed their determination. They know that Lucky needs his help and they can’t leave him.

Finally, after many days and nights without sleep, the family found the final solution. They installed a small staircase outside the iron bar, creating an escape route for Lucky. Emily carefully and gently carried the dog up the stairs, until he was completely freed.

When Lucky stepped out of the iron bar, he realized that his family had given everything to save him. Lucky’s warm heart is filled with love and gratitude. He was overjoyed and jumped up and down, as if to thank and share his joy with everyone.

From there, Lucky changed. He became more grateful and showed love and concern for his family. Every day, he plays and enjoys every moment with Emily and loved ones. Lucky has learned that in life, there are times when we can get stuck and hopeless, but there is always hope and help from those around us.

From Lucky’s story of liberation, the family learned the value of solidarity and love. They realize that true love is not only available, but also has to be cared for and sacrificed. Lucky became a symbol of patience, steadfastness and unconditional love.

Since then, the family enjoys every day together, sharing joys and hardships. And Lucky, with intense gratitude and loving heart, became an important and cherished member of the family.

The story of Lucky reminds us that in times of difficulty and despair, there is always hope and help from those around us. With love, patience and kindness, we can overcome all difficulties together and create memorable memories.


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