Please save the poor dog with scabs all over his body and abandoned by his owner in hunger and despair crying for help in excruciating pain

We were filled with distress when we found the puppy abandoned at the desolate homestead in Radviliškis. Its owner had been hospitalized, leaving the poor creature without care and suffering from starvation. Pluto was terribly emaciated, having lost a great deal of weight, and his fur was patchy from Mange. His body was so frail it was almost skeletal, and his eyes were full of sorrow.

When Pluto arrived at our shelter, it was evident that he had been neglected. He refused to move and had no desire to eat. He was even having accidents in the same spot. The vets worked hard to help him, removing the scabby layer from his skin over the course of 5 hours. Despite the initial care, Pluto’s burning skin still needed to be tended to, so he had to endure multiple treatments throughout the day.

Due to the dangerous and contagious Mange infection, Pluto had to be placed in isolation for a grueling three months. This distressing ordeal left him unable to enjoy his beloved walks outdoors, and caused him to have to relearn how to walk following his quarantine. Unfortunately, this was just the beginning of Pluto’s struggles; he developed a deep fear of everything and everyone.

At first, Pluto was scared of even taking his first steps, feeling terrified of the grass beneath him. Nevertheless, because of the constant love and patience of our staff, he started to open up and socialize. As time went on, he became more comfortable around other dogs and even began to play with them. On the 150th day, there was a great surprise as he happily hummed along with Lota – an amazing accomplishment that he had achieved.

We are amazed by the incredible transformation of Pluto! After facing a difficult life, he has not only regained his health but also found joy. He has become more trusting, fearlessly interacting with other puppies and playing with them. Pluto is thriving now, gaining weight and becoming a content and happy dog. We are so delighted to see him like this!

Pluto is being lavished with love and compassion by his new owner as they take a peaceful walk outside. It is hoped that Pluto will be granted a lifetime of joy and contentment!

Pluto’s captivating transition from despair to joy is incredibly motivating, demonstrating that even in the most trying of times, animals can be nursed back to health and have fulfilling lives with the correct care and love. It is unmistakable that Pluto is deserving of perpetual joy, and seeing him joyfully thrive fills us with immense satisfaction. We are immensely grateful to the shelter personnel, whose dedication and compassion for Pluto and other rescued animals is truly making a remarkable difference in the lives of these creatures.


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