Please save this poor dog abandoned in emaciated and injured condition, hoping for a miracle

RSPCA animal rescue officer Ali Sparkes was off duty when a neighbor reported seeing Lacie abandoned nearby.

The poor dog was discovered tied up and all alone in a hedgerow close to Ali’s Somerset home. She was shivering from the cold, severely emaciated, and covered in sores and cuts all over her head and body.

Ali recalled, “She was so frightened that she wouldn’t come out or even look at me, and she was trembling. I took her to the vet, who noticed a lump on her head, likely from a blunt object. Her ears had cuts, and there was a larger healing wound on her back. She was also severely underweight and had pressure sores from sleeping without bedding.”

The lurcher needed months to recover both physically and mentally from the state she was in when the charity took her in. Now, after receiving ample care and a proper diet, Lacie is finally ready to move on to the next chapter of her life.

“It’s amazing to see her looking so happy and healthy thanks to the hard work of the team at RSPCA West Hatch,” Ali said. “It’ll be fantastic when her recovery journey is completed by finding a loving home.”

Anita Clark, deputy manager of RSΡCA West Hatch Animal Centre, noted that Lacie’s true colors are finally shining through after all the trauma she endured.

She said, “It has taken many months, but her coat has now grown back, her sores have healed, and her personality has begun to shine through. Lacie now cannot wait to find her forever home where she has a sofa to call her own.”

“Lacie is full of life and very playful despite everything she has been through. She travels well in the car and enjoys looking out of the window or lying down. She is looking for patient, understanding adopters to continue the training and socialization we have started at the center.”

Anita emphasized that Lacie would also appreciate the company of someone who is at home most of the time to help with house training and teach her that it’s okay to be left alone for short periods.

The RSPCA team mentions that Lacie is suitable to live with older teenagers and calm, sociable dogs, but not cats or small animals due to her high prey drive. Prospective adopters for Lacie must also reside within a reasonable distance from the center in Taunton, Somerset, as she will need to meet her new family several times to get to know them.

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