Please save this poor dog that got stuck in the front of the car and we couldn’t help but panic and panic because we don’t know what will happen next

The Nelspruit SPCA received a call on Sunday morning regarding a dog that got its head stuck in a car after allegedly chasing a cat.

“The lady could not provide any additional information and we had no idea what we were dealing with,” said the SPCA.

“Was the dog injured and in pain? Would it be necessary to cut the bumper open? Was she aggressive? We went prepared for all possible scenarios.”

Upon arrival, the dog was sedated to make the rescue as easy and painless as possible. Fortunately, her head could be removed without much effort and she had not been injured.

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She is currently recovering in the SPCA’s kennels. It is uncertain who her owners are, so she will remain there until she is claimed.

The SPCA thanked Dr Donnie Engelbrecht from Van Wijkstraat Dierehospitaal for his amazing assistance.

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