Pooch Shows Gratitude with Kisses to Heroic Firefighter Who Rescued Him from Rooftop


Maine authorities received an unusual report of a dog stranded on the roof of a house. It appeared that the canine had somehow crawled out of an upstairs window but became stuck when it couldn’t find its way back inside.

Maine Dog Stuck on Roof Repays Firefighter Rescuer with Grateful Canine Kisses

The Wells Fire Department shared a heartwarming story featuring Captain Jeff Nawfel, who came to the rescue of this adorable dog that had ended up on the roof.

Viral photo: Firefighter gets kiss from dog he rescued from roof

Erin Fenderson took to Facebook to recount the story of her friend’s dog, Jasper. Jasper has a tendency to escape, and this wasn’t the first time it had happened. He has a strong affinity for the outdoors, and it seems that on this occasion, his owners may have forgotten to close the window. Nevertheless, Erin expressed her gratitude to the person who rescued Jasper.


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