Poor dog lost half of his face unrecognizable after finding his beloved home, heartbreaking everyone

Having been adopted, a dog who was once a victim of dog fighting and had half her face lost, has now discovered the true essence of love.

Haddie, the “pirate dog,” has become completely unrecognizable after enduring relentless attacks from fighting dogs in an illicit operation.

Due to her skin deteriorating and shedding, a significant portion had to be excised, resulting in her being left with a solitary eye.

Erin Williams, aged 36, found herself captivated by her distinctive appearance, and presently, both of them reside contentedly and securely in Washington D.C.

Haddie, who used to be afraid of other dogs, has conquered her fear and now finds pure joy in playing with the pack at her local park.

Erin told The Mirror, “She’s become a true dog’s dog, which warms my heart.”

Erin stumbled upon Haddie on the petfinder.com website in August 2020, and Haddie lingered in her thoughts persistently.

Haddie was rescued from a dogfighting ring by a kind-hearted Samaritan who then brought her to Mutt Scouts, located in South California.

The puppy, who was only two years old, sustained injuries throughout its body, but the most severe damage was inflicted on its face.

According to a doctor, her injuries and temperament were believed to be a result of her being used as a “bait dog.”

“We don’t know much about her specific experience in that world,” Erin explained, “but it’s likely that the dog fighters forced their ‘fighting dogs’ to attack her relentlessly to ‘train.’”
“In these situations, all the dogs are victims.”

After being paired up by Mutt Scouts, Erin and Haddie became inseparable, completely transforming each other’s lives.

Not aware of Haddie’s actual birthday, Erin improvised by assigning a date to her inspired by Dolly Parton’s birthday on January 19th.

Initially, Erin characterized Haddie as “sweet and goofy,” however, she harbored a deep fear of other canines.

Erin’s body would tremble uncontrollably at the sound of a dog barking or the sight of another dog. To assist Haddie in conquering her deeply rooted fears, Erin sought the aid of a professional dog trainer.

“We’d feed her hot dogs and introduce her to a dog across the park,” she explained. “Then we’d get a little closer and closer until she associated dogs with safety and teats.”

“In the end, I believe her personality made it possible.” She’s extremely bright and resilient, which I’m sure aided the process.”

In the neighborhood park, Haddie finds delight in frolicking with fellow dogs. Whenever her enthusiasm to venture outdoors peaks, she playfully exhibits a delightful “funny little hop.”

“She’s a social butterfly,” says the narrator. “She adores people and expects everyone to scratch her ears,” Erin explained.

Haddie has to wear medicated sunscreen on her snout and scars whenever she leaves the house, but other than that, she’s just like any other dog, albeit with a slightly different appearance.
Strangers naturally stare and ask questions about the unusual dog, but Erin says the reactions aren’t as bad as she had feared.

“Most people respond with warmth and friendliness. Erin explained, “Her joy for life is so obvious that it would be difficult not to be.”

“Every now and then, we get a rude remark or an uneasy glance, but they’re thankfully few and far between. Those people will never know her, so it is their loss.”

Erin’s life has been completely changed by her unique dog as well, who has provided her with comfort during her struggle with depression. “Haddie is constantly there to prompt me to take a walk, and she’s always ready for a relaxing afternoon nap,” Erin shared.

Erin has created Instagram and TikTok accounts for Haddie, and says her followers have shown her just how “unbelievably kind the world can be”.

“The people I connect with there are supportive and thoughtful, and I’m so grateful,” Erin said.

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