Poor dog Moli was found in a good condition with an open bone fracture in the field, making everyone watch it

Moli, an adored Sevillian Mastina, has experienced a lot of difficulties in her life. She was discovered in a field with a serious bone fracture and had to go through surgery. Fortunately, she was taken in by a loving family and could find comfort. Even though she is facing health issues due to her age, Moli’s story is an amazing evidence of how rescue organizations make a difference and how important it is to give these animals a new beginning.

Moli was discovered in a field in a very sad condition, with a broken bone exposed. Thankfully, she was quickly taken to an animal hospital where she could get the urgent medical attention she needed. After her surgery, Moli was adopted by a family living close to the hospital, so she could have regular check-ups and physical therapy.

As Moli has aged, she has experienced multiple health issues, including liver and kidney complications. Yet, her main focus is the pain she is experiencing in her back. After visiting the hospital for further examination, doctors discovered that she has a herniated disc.



Moli’s surgeon has decided to hold off on surgery for her herniated disc, even though it could become a medical emergency, and instead is exploring other ways to ease her pain other than her current medication. She will be given a stronger medication and her health will be vigilantly monitored in order to guarantee that she has the best quality of life.


Moli’s story highlights the critical importance of rescue organizations in protecting animals from dangerous situations and giving them the necessary care and aid. The true worth of a rescue organization is made evident when faced with difficulties, yet they remain steadfast in helping animals like Moli who need it.


The story of Moli demonstrates the positive effect rescue organizations can have on animals’ lives. It is essential for people to donate and aid these organizations in order to save and improve the lives of animals. Through donations, individuals can give animals like Moli the chance to lead a content and healthy life, and make a real difference in their lives.

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