Poor dog with snake wrapped around its body can only helplessly wait for a miracle, it looks terrible

A situation that shows the bravery and ingenuity of three boys, when rescuing a pet dog from the mouth of a large python. While seeing his pet dog being wrapped around and squeezed by a python, unable to escape, the three boys rushed to rescue. The python wrapped tightly around the dog’s lower body and raised its head to attack, but the oldest boy cleverly used a log to control it. After a while, I was also able to press its head down and use my hand to hold it.

Ba đứa trẻ hè nhau giải cứu chú chó khỏi con trăn.

Chú chó ngoan ngoãn nằm im để được giải cứu.

The other two boys then used their hands to remove him from the dog. Despite their weak strength, after struggling with it for a while, the children were able to loosen the restraints, allowing the dog to easily break free and escape. Fortunately, it did not break any bones despite being wrapped around by the python a few times. It is not known how the python’s fate was after that, whether it was captured or released into the forest. The actions of the three boys received a lot of praise from the online community. Despite their young age, they were brave and clever when faced with dangerous situations.

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