Poor dog with unusual body was adopted by a kind woman who didn’t care about his special condition.ThuHa

Dogs, like many other species, are prone to diseases or genetic conditions that make it difficult for them to carry out daily activities. One of the lesser known is spinal cord syndrome. Well, there is only a record of 30 dogs in the world that have suffered from this condition, where the vertebrae are compressed and thus reduce the spine.

This disease produces a characteristic appearance in dogs that suffer from it, becoming something difficult to assimilate at first, when it is observed for the first time. However, this does not mean that life is over for those who suffer from it, as they can lead a normal life like any other dog.

Cooper’s case has caught the attention of many people, as he is a dog with this syndrome who lives in Virginia, USA and, together with his adoptive family, has managed to lead a normal life despite the complications of this disease.

Cooper’s life was difficult from the beginning, since when he was a newborn puppy he was found in the vicinity of a kennel. Later, he was taken to Secondhand Hounds, where he received all the treatment he needed for mites and worms. In addition to that, he was treated for a hernia.

Once the little dog got better in terms of his major conditions, the shelter took it upon themselves to do what they could to find a home for the adorable animal. They also helped him with his mobility problems so that the little one could carry out activities like any other dog.

This is how Cooper managed to overcome his limitations and learned to live with other dogs. Today, he enjoys spending the day playing with them, he runs and jumps all over the garden.

Elly is Cooper’s adoptive mother, who comments that difficulties have always been there. Well, during his first year of adoption, the little boy fell and broke his neck. However, Secondhand Hounds have always been there to lend support during these incidents.

Despite this, Elly feels very grateful to have Cooper’s company. She considers her to be a very loving pet and loves that she is a part of her household. In addition, she recognizes that we all deserve second chances, especially in the most difficult situations.

The director of Secondhand Hounds affirms that cases like Cooper’s are the most attended by this shelter. Since many people ignore dogs that suffer from a disability or genetic condition that prevents their natural development. On the other hand, these are the animals that foster enthusiasm and restore confidence in life.

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