Poor emaciated dog unable to stand on his own has miraculously recovered and is ready to return to his beloved home

The Jacksonville Humane Society (JHS) recently shared a heartwarming story about a dog named Arnold that is sure to bring tears to your eyes. In April, Arnold arrived at the no-kill shelter as a stray, extremely emaciated and unable to stand on his own. He was on the verge of death, with all of his ribs visible and barely eating. The shelter staff described how Arnold was initially hesitant to accept affection from his caregivers and had difficulty gaining weight. There were moments when they doubted if Arnold would survive. However, one day, a spark of hope emerged as Arnold began to show signs of improvement.


After much anticipation, Arnold was finally provided with the necessary care and affection he longed for. The dedicated staff members took turns assisting him to the outdoors for his bathroom needs and devoted quality time to him under the warm sun. Arnold expressed his gratitude by resting his head on their laps and offering affectionate “gentle kisses”. Gradually, his condition began to improve, and he is now able to walk independently. The shelter joyfully announced that Arnold has been given a clean bill of health and is now prepared to embark on his search for a caring forever home.


According to the shelter, Arnold is determined to meet his people and embark on his new life with them. The shelter describes the four-year-old pup as someone who enjoys playing with squeaky toys and rolling in the grass. Arnold is known to be independent and energetic, and he may exhibit shyness when meeting new individuals. However, once he becomes comfortable with you, he will remain by your side faithfully.


Arnold, despite a challenging beginning, is determined to leave his past behind and eagerly embrace all the wonderful opportunities life has to offer. For those interested in providing him with a loving home, further details can be found here.

Each year, JHS welcomes around 9,000 dogs and cats, diligently striving to find them caring homes through the unwavering support of their community, dedicated staff, and volunteers. As part of their “Dog Day Out” initiative, they urge individuals to lend a helping hand by taking shelter dogs on refreshing day trips. By sharing Arnold’s story, let’s assist him in discovering his forever home.

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