Poor paralyzed dog desperately seeks help on the street but only gets ignored and shunned which is heartbreaking

Left alone and suffering from severe dog bites, this unfortunate individual endured indescribable pain while lacking the necessary sustenance and care. Rendered immobile, he appeared to have completely lost hope. Fortunately, a distress call reached the empathetic rescuers who swiftly came to his assistance.

How was he able to survive by himself? It is unimaginable the amount of pain he endured. He was immediately rushed to Talingchan Veterinary Hospital, with horrifying injuries caused by dog bites. His spine and hind legs were completely shattered, leaving him incapable of walking.

The devoted veterinarians went the extra mile, utilizing all their resources to assist him. Although he may not fully regain his mobility, his path towards recovery will persist in a caring shelter, with scheduled bi-weekly visits to the doctor.

We send our sincerest prayers to this kind-hearted individual, hoping that they will soon regain their freedom to run. We express our deep appreciation to all those who contributed to saving this precious being. Let us continue to keep them in our minds, offer our prayers, and surround them with affection.

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