Poor rescue dog languishing despite the odds and the ending behind this sad story

The employees of Citadel Wayne Animal Care and Control’s Sanctum team have witnessed countless cases of animal neglect and abuse. But the tale of “Thin Dog,” a young Beagle or Brittany mix, struck a particularly painful chord with them. Found abandoned behind a former Purpose establishment in Citadel Wayne, Indiana, this unfortunate pup was in a dire state, severely emaciated and unable to move.

The dog received urgent care from veterinarians who hurried to tend to him. In the beginning, Thin Dog positively responded to the treatment, showing progress by eating and gaining strength. This filled the staff and the compassionate community on social media with hope, as it appeared that Thin Dog had a chance of overcoming this difficult trial. His steady improvement for approximately a week brought immense joy to the devoted staff.

“We are deeply saddened to share that our sweet Joe has crossed the rainbow bridge,” wrote Citadel Wayne Animal Care & Control on Facebook. “He was such a fighter and surpassed all expectations we had for him when we first met him just over a week ago.”

Citadel Wayne Animal Care & Control took to Facebook to express their profound sorrow as they announced the passing of their beloved Joe. They referred to him as a resilient fighter who surpassed all initial expectations when they encountered him a little over a week ago.

The sanctuary expressed their deep gratitude and pride for their dedicated and compassionate medical team who provided the best care for him. When Thin Dog’s condition worsened last Thursday, the team took quick action and administered a blood transfusion on Friday in hopes of improving his condition. Regrettably, the transfusion did not yield the desired results. The overwhelming response to Thin Dog’s story, including research, prayers, donations, and international calls, greatly touched the rescuers.

In their message, they expressed their deep sorrow and acknowledged that many others were also mourning the loss. They acknowledged that incidents like this have a significant impact on their team, and while they couldn’t disclose all the specifics of the ongoing investigation, they appreciated the support and kind words they had received. These messages of encouragement served as a reminder of the kindness that exists in the world.

The rescuers are determined to bring justice to the abused and neglected dog. Citadel Wayne Animal Care and Control stated that Joe, also known by various names, is counting on them to keep fighting. The investigation is ongoing and they are urging anyone with information to contact their office at 427-1244, option 1. They emphasize that every tip is important, no matter how insignificant it may seem, as it could be the breakthrough they need to solve the case. To learn more, watch the video below.

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