Poor skinny dog ​​was brutally abandoned after falling seriously ill and had to struggle alone and helpless

Can you imagine the pain this dog has suffered? She used to be a beloved pet, given food at the right time, and a comfortable bed to sleep in. But after falling sick, she was cruelly abandoned on the street. Despite seeking help, no one ever gave her a home.

Fortunately, even though it was over 100 kilometers away, O. Gouveia tried her best to rescue her. She quickly spotted the scared dog hiding in a corner. Mafalda, as the dog was later named, was emaciated and had lost half of her hair. Despite her poor condition, she behaved extremely well on the way to the vet.



The vet discovered that Mafalda’s health was not too bad, but her stomach was severely sick. The good news was that O. Glauber volunteered to take care of her. Mafalda was a very lovely dog, but she couldn’t eat properly.

To help her, Glauber Oliveira had to prepare special food. For a week, Mafalda could only consume this food. After 10 days, she was able to eat more raw food, and by October 15th, her digestive system had almost fully recovered. The final check confirmed that she could eat normally now.


Mafalda enjoys care and love with her new Godfather. It’s a beautiful ending for a dog that had suffered so much. It’s a pity that humans did this to her, but it’s changed now. Let’s forget about the past and focus on Mafalda’s future.

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