Poor stray dog ​​found with huge head and sad story behind it

The majority of dog owners purchase collars for their furry companions. These collars serve various purposes such as using them during walks or attaching a name tag as a precautionary measure in case our beloved pet goes missing.

As your puppy grows older, it will eventually outgrow its current collar, necessitating the purchase of a new one to ensure a comfortable fit.

Nancy’s previous owners did provide her with a collar, albeit one made from a piece of string that they never removed. Unfortunately, this ill-fitting collar posed a grave risk to Nancy’s life as it gradually threatened to suffocate her.

Prior to that, the string had caused her skull to swell. Fortunately, Nancy was rescued by the compassionate team at Animal Help Unlimited, located in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. The proprietor of a furniture shop ensures that homeless dogs have a cozy place to sleep.

A slumbering dog warms the hearts of more than one million people as a group of young goats joyfully utilizes him for jumping exercises.

After arriving at the sanctuary, the string was taken off, initiating Nancy’s journey towards recovery.

Nancy, now liberated from the string, is filled with immense joy and gratitude! Feel free to spread the word, everyone.

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