Power of Instinct: The strong dog that is not afraid of danger saves a critical baby from a train in a heart-stopping moment and guess what the ending will be

In a display of bravery, a courageous canine dashed onto the train tracks to rescue a child in imminent danger from an approaching train.

On June 19, 2020, news outlets reported that a child in Mumbai, India, accidentally fell onto the train tracks while playing, while his mother was busy shopping.

Identified as a Spitz, the dog swiftly leaped off the tracks and managed to save the child by pushing them out of harm’s way just moments before the train arrived.

Fortunately, both the child and the dog emerged unharmed. The courageous dog received accolades from the locals who expressed their willingness to adopt it into their own family.

The story of the dog’s bravery and loyalty in protecting the child has become a sensation on social media, captivating people worldwide.

Dogs possess renowned traits such as loyalty, intelligence, and a playful demeanor, making them exceptional companions. Their remarkable capabilities extend beyond companionship, as they also have the capacity to assist individuals in diverse ways.

Dogs hold a unique spot in our hearts, transitioning seamlessly from amusing and entertaining to incredibly endearing and supportive. This article delves into the various aspects showcasing dogs’ ability to bring joy, cuteness, and assistance to individuals.

Silly Dogs

Dogs have the ability to bring joy and amusement to their owners through various antics, such as chasing their own tails or engaging in energetic jumps. Additionally, their playful interactions with fellow canines and other animals often elicit smiles from us, as we witness their endearing social skills.

Super Cute Dogs

The cuteness of dogs is widely recognized. Their fluffy fur, wagging tails, and adorable faces have the power to melt our hearts. Dogs come in various shapes and sizes, ranging from tiny Chihuahuas to large Great Danes, and each breed possesses its own distinctive charm. Whether it’s the way they cuddle with us, play with their toys, or even sleep, dogs have the ability to be undeniably cute.

Service dogs are not merely pets; they possess the ability to undergo training in order to aid individuals in a multitude of ways. These dogs are specifically trained to assist people who have disabilities, which may include vision impairment, hearing loss, or difficulties with mobility.

Owners can be guided by dogs, warned of danger, and helped with tasks like opening doors or retrieving items. On the contrary, therapy dogs are specifically trained to offer emotional support to individuals in hospitals, nursing homes, or schools. They excel at alleviating stress, anxiety, and depression, ultimately enhancing the overall wellness of their human counterparts.


Dogs possess extraordinary qualities that can bring happiness, solace, and support to individuals through various means. Whether they are engaging in playful antics, displaying undeniable cuteness, or providing valuable assistance, dogs hold a cherished position within our hearts.



It is important for us, as pet owners, to show gratitude and provide proper care for our beloved furry companions. Additionally, as a community, it is crucial to acknowledge the significance of dogs in our lives and actively support their contributions in assisting people.


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