Pregnant Dog Abandoned When She Needs Her Humans the Most Gets a Fairy Tale Ending


Mimi the Maltese was left at the shelter when she was pregnant, unwanted and alone. Given her situation, if Mimi had given birth in the shelter it was most likely many of her puppies would not have survived.

screenshot via YouTube

Fortunately, Mimi had a guardian angel looking out for her and she was saved by Brandie with Dogs Without Borders, who took her home just days before she gave birth to 6 healthy puppies.

screenshot via YouTube

Not only that, but Mimi’s rescuers ensured that and all her puppies found forever homes. And then it was Mimi’s turn and she couldn’t have found a better family to end up with.

screenshot via YouTube

Mimi’s new human mom thinks she’s unbelievably smart and simply the best dog in the world.

What a heartwarming happy ending for such a sweet dog! Watch her rescue story in the video below.


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