Puppy No One Wanted Is Living The Best Days Of His Life


This was a pup we found around 4-5 months old. People avoided her because of her crooked legs . And then we found out she was in the field before no one knew how the pup crawled back to town.

In town, some kind people gave her food And that helped her survive until she met us Until then we didn’t know what was in store for us We consulted the doctors about her case Some people say amputations and use a wheelchair But we couldn’t  giving up so easily we couldn’t just leave her alone we contacted many doctors afterwards we took care of her.

I gave her  given the name Kissmi, a sweet name She felt my care and love for her She liked being hugged and caressed by me Maybe this was the first time in her life.

I really love her.  We had a meeting with the chiropractors. At first she was scared and wanted to run away. But she realized that the doctor wanted to help her. She was obedient to being examined .

I was very happy when I received the good news Young age was her advantage on the road to recovery.

A sweet and gentle girl enjoying a happy life where she has loved ones by her side. I wish you and your loved ones all the best.


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