Puppy Utilizing Trash Bag as A Bed Entirely Transforms with A Little tender loving care – Stella

Puppy Utilizing Trash Bag as A Bed Entirely Transforms with A Little tender loving care – Stella

Stella lacked a true home for nearly 2 years, resorting to sleeping on whatever she could find, even resorting to using trash bags. Despite her circumstances, Stella possessed an abundance of love to offer, eagerly awaiting someone who would be willing to give her a chance.

Following that, the luck of the one-year-old underwent a remarkable transformation, evident in her incredible makeover.

Heather Martin desired to welcome a new furry addition into her family and upon discovering Stella, she instantly knew they had to meet each other.” A colleague shared with me about pooches Out of puerto Rico, so my spouse and also I explored them,” Martin told. “We fell for Stella immediately.”.

Martin wanted to immediately welcome the “loving, wonderful, playful, curious super chewer who adores the sunlight” into their family. However, Stella required veterinary care initially.

“Stella was abandoned at a dump and managed to survive by sleeping on a trash can and scavenging for any scraps she could find,” Martin recounted. “She suffered from severe mange, roundworms, hookworms, and scabies. When she was finally rescued, she weighed a mere 9 pounds.”

After receiving medical therapy, Stella was able to visit her new residence, thanks to Martin’s love. The once homeless dog’s appearance underwent a complete transformation.

The encounter resulted in another adoption from the rescue organization – a dog named Lulu, providing Stella with a companion to grow alongside. Furthermore, Stella’s affectionate nature brings renewed hope into Martin’s life.

“Stella has truly been a beacon of positivity,” Martin expressed. “She possesses the ability to sense when we crave affection and provides comfort by snuggling up to us. All she desires is love, and honesty is truly admirable.”

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