Reaction of a Golden Retriever to a Kitten Taking Over His Bed


Bailey, a wonderful Golden Retriever, wants nothing more than to relax on his comfortable fluffy bed, but he can’t because there’s an intruder! Bailey decides it’s time to sleep and retires to his comfortable bed. Instead of sleeping, he is surprised to see a tabby kitten snuggled up in the center of it. Bailey gives the cat a quick sniff before asking, “What is this doing on my bed?!?” “This is my bed,” Bailey continues, “maybe circling and barking at it would make it go away?” No, it isn’t going to work. Fortunately, there are various methods for removing a kitten from a dog bed, one of which is to slip it out. However, Bailey quickly realizes that this is not the case.

Bailey then attempts to fold the cat into burritos and tacos, maybe inspired by Mexican food, but both attempts fail. The gorgeous cat does not even stir as the dog bed is folded over him. It appears to be incredibly comfortable. Bailey takes a little pause to contemplate the issue at hand. For a little minute, he looks to be willing to share, until he headbutts the kitten, who doesn’t seem to realize he’s not wanted on that bed. “Please leave, kitten,” Bailey growls.

Bailey is now deliciously upset, flopping around the border of the bed, while the cat looks on, bewildered as if to say, “what’s wrong with you, ‘it’s wonderful in here and you should try it someday.” Bailey eventually gives up and settles up next to the bed, where the adorable kitten instantly joins him, playing in his silky fur. Whether Bailey likes it or not, he looks to have a sleep buddy. They’re both beautiful, but who can blame that gorgeous kitty for stealing the wonderful dog bed?



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