“Rescued: A Pit Bull Stranded and Helpless, Until a Caring Soul Stepped In”


Fortunately, Max, the dog, drew the attention of several caring individuals who knew exactly whom to contact. Among them was Kerry Haney, a seasoned volunteer and animal rescuer associated with the Don’t Bully Us Rescue organization in New Jersey. Kerry was prepared to take immediate action upon receiving numerous calls and notifications about Max.

Driven by multiple reports of a dog near Swedesboro, allegedly starving and chained to a tree with a padlock, Haney decided to investigate. Upon reaching the location, she found the dog, its head immobilized, sitting amidst its waste without access to food or water. Although it was nighttime and visibility was poor, Haney contacted the police department, who were already aware of the situation and actively involved in rescuing the dog from its owner.

After enduring several distressing days, Max was finally liberated from his harrowing circumstances and transferred to the Gloucester County Animal Shelter.

During the legal proceedings involving his owner, Max was housed at the shelter. The owner was fined and found guilty of animal cruelty, which ultimately led to Max being surrendered and legally rescued. Without delay, Haney stepped in to rescue and foster Max as soon as she was able to do so.

Max, a 20-month-old dog, unfortunately, received a diagnosis of heartworm and faced challenges in behavioral tests. Nevertheless, the compassionate team at Don’t Bully Us Rescue is tirelessly working to improve his health and behavior. Despite his setbacks, Max is already trained for crate use and housebroken. He is receiving personalized training from a professional dog trainer and undergoing treatment for heartworm. According to Haney, Max still possesses all the energy and playfulness of a young puppy, as he missed out on those experiences during his earlier life. Currently, he may lack some manners, but the team is dedicated to helping him make progress.

Haney is delighted to witness Max’s friendly interactions with her other dogs and his affection towards humans, especially children.

Haney suggests that Max, with his abundant energy, would thrive in a home with an active family capable of providing the love and attention he so genuinely deserves.

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